Married With Children - date idea #1

Paul and I both enjoy being in the kitchen together and one of our frequent date nights is to cook a nice meal or snack together. We feed the boys and put them to bed a bit early, pour ourselves a glass of wine and then work on our meal together. It takes a bit of pre-planning as I try to have a lot of the meal prep done, but it is a relaxing and fun activity to do together and then we get to sit down and enjoy eating our meal together!

One of our favorite things to create is sandwiches and then grill them. We mix various seasonings with sour cream, use different meats and cheeses and put it all between two pieces of bread and put it in the George Foreman grill. Pizza is another fun thing to make together, as well as onion rings!


Amber said...

Yummy! This is something we really enjoy as well, but we usually do it with Levi underfoot. lol Still, it's tons of fun! We both enjoy cooking and I enjoy occasionally getting some help in the kitchen.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That's such a cute idea!

Richella said...

This is a good idea. My husband and I sometimes cook together too (well, really, I'm usually his sous chef, for he is the better cook). I've never thought about doing it as a date, but you've inspired me. The kids would usually just rather have pizza or something anyway--I should give them what they want and then have us just cook for the two of us. Thanks for the inspiration!

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