Married With Children

Before we had children we use to do all sorts of fun dates. One of my favorites was when Paul said he would pick the activity and I had to pick the location and pack a picnic lunch. I chose to go to a local park and had some cutesy picnic foods packed. Paul's surprise activity turned out to be sun catchers for us to paint together, so we sat in the park painting sun catchers together. It was so much fun and we kept the sun catchers around for a couple years.

Since our boys entered the world our dates outside the home became a lot less frequent, but we have attempted to maintain a weekly "date night" at home after they go to bed.
Spending intentional time together is so very important. I don't think I can emphasize that enough! It's not about getting dressed up for a fancy dinner at a local restaurant. Or about watching the newly released movie at the theater.
Keeping that element of fun alive in your marriage is important no matter where you're at in life, but for the next week or so I am going to share ideas and suggestions for date night if you are married with children.
Of course if you do not have children they are still ideas you can use, but the ideas are all things you can do from home during nap or after their bedtime.

I'd love it if you join in the comments with your own ideas!
Do you and your husband do date nights? How often? Do you do the dates at home or get someone to watch your children?


Jessica said...

Scott and I are so blessed to have both of our families here in town, so we have no shortage of people clamoring to watch Leah. This has allowed a weekly date night for us, but like you said, we don't do much of anything super special. It's all about spending intentional quality one on one time together.

I'm looking forward to reading your ideas!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

We go out once in a while alone together, but most of our "date nights" have been at home, just like you. I kind of like it better because I don't have to share him with anyone else that way! LOL I agree, it's so important to make time for just the two of you.

Amber said...

We do lots of date nights, it seems. We do a little of both: going out or staying home. Occasionally grandma watches Levi, other times he goes with us. :-)

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