4th of July Themed Food

Remember THESE sticks I picked up at Target? This is what I did with them on the 4th. I wish they weren't so pointy and sharp on the ends - I'd love to do something like this for snacks for the boys! Any ideas on something similar I could use that isn't quite as dangerous?!


Deanna said...

Those are really cute and I love the idea but oh dear, I'm not quite sure to do about one's for the babes. Popsicle sticks....although they might not hold the blueberries very well or the marshmallows! Hmmm, how about flat chopsticks....gosh, not being a mom myself, I'm not doing very well am I...lol! I'm not even sure they have rounded tipped skewers.

I'll keep a lookout for ya!

Deanna :D

~The Mangos~ said...

after you put the fruit on them you could cut off the sharp end.

Donna said...

Pick up stix? They'd be reusable too!

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