Pet For A Day

A couple weeks ago a friend brought over a puppy for an afternoon. Judah fell in love with the puppy and if puppies cleaned up after themselves and slept through the night I would totally get one for him! But as it is, puppies are a ton of work and I am not willing to put out the effort a puppy would require. So no pet for Judah!
The last few pictures just melt my heart!

Wesley couldn't stand the puppy and crawled away as fast as he could every time he saw the puppy. I think he felt his position as youngest/cutest/baby was being challenged.


~The Mangos~ said...

what kind of puppy is it?
we just got a 8 week old that was alot of work for the first week or so.

Jessica Morris said...

It was part American Bulldog and part Pitbull (Right Sarah?!)

Kristin said...

Helen wants a puppy too. As a matter of fact, seeing this pictures she said, "mommy, when am I going to have a little black puppy?"

I don't want to take care of a puppy, though!h

Bethany said...

Awww, so cute! It looks a lot like our Molly is an American Staffordshire, but might as well be a Pit, since they are almost indistinguishable. Actually, that puppy and Molly look identical, except Molly is an orange brindle color.

BeckeyZ said...

I miss our doggie. I never realized how clean she kept the dining room floor until she was gone for a while and I had to start sweeping daily again.

Still not quite ready for another one yet, though.

Sarah said...

right jessica. haha

Catherine said...

You could go to a shelter and adopt an older dog. It is not a requirement to start with a puppy. :)

Crystal said...

Awwww, puppies are the best! We never had trouble with our two not sleeping through the night thankfully.

Bethany, we have a Molly too. Though ours is a mini-schnauzer/westie mix. I'm not a big dog fan.

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