I Joined A Gym...

This was taken about 7 years ago when we were 17.

Paul is a committed guy. When he makes up his mind that we're going to do something he is going to do everything he can to make it happen.

He decided that this week we were going to get serious about working out together - which really means he wanted me to get serious about working out. He's already good about working out. He actually loves working out and is completely serious and committed to it... he just thinks I need to be. But he's gracious and kind enough to use the "we" line.

We had done well so far this week, and this evening after Bible Study we were planning on hitting the gym. My brother is here visiting so the plan was to put the boys down for the night and Paul and I hit the gym for a late night workout. I tell ya folks, that is COMMITMENT. It isn't easy working out at any time of day, but to head out at 9:45pm?! It's beyond commitment, it's ridiculous.

But I did it because I love my man.
And when we got to the gym they told us it would be closing at 10.
We both thought it was open til 11:30, but I was definitely more excited than disappointed with the news and happily walked back to our car.

My love got in the car and matter of factly said "Lets go get a trial membership at the Omni. They're a 24 hour gym."

I totally thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. He drove down the street and walked right in and nicely asked about us getting a free trial membership. They signed us right up and let us work out right then.

It was the funniest workout I have ever had :)
My man is a determined one and I love him for it!

And not that it matters, but I didn't like the Omni at all and would never switch gyms.


Brandy said...

totally not gym related

but wowsers Judah looks ssooo much like Paul does in that picture.

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

That is dedication! Not only to working out, but to each other! I love your love stories ;)

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