30 Days of Littles Day 28

I don't like to have a lot of toys in the house, and so I don't. It is really hard keeping their toys to a minimum, but they just don't need lots of toys.
The toys they do have are scattered throughout the house. There is a small box in their room of toys, a small one in the living room and a small basket on the back porch. Then there's a couple cars in the TV Room and a couple wooden toys near where they eat breakfast - and that's it.

I like having toys accessible in every room we are in - whether it's to grab one to distract Wesley during a diaper change, to entertain the one who finishes his meal first or so we aren't dragging toys all over the house - I like having designated toy areas in our main living areas.
And that's not to say that dragging toys around the house doesn't happen. Because it does with favorite toys. The Abacus is a current favorite of Wesley's right now and it is so funny to watch him drag it from room to room and up and down the stairs =)


Amber said...

Oh goodness, Levi has waaaay too many toys, lol. I just can't pass up cheap nice things at garage sales. ;-)
Anyway, this is a great idea! We do the same; a basket or cupboard of toys in all the main rooms. It works so well.

BeckeyZ said...

Cool abacus! I should get one for the kids, then give them some numbers to put on the abacus. Benjamin would love that.

I need to bag up a bunch of toys for goodwill. We have WAY too many toys.

Bethany said...

I hate toys. But that is only because we live WAAAY closer to M-I-L than you do to yours. I finally told her it was my turn to give Josh some toys and could she save hers for his birthday. (In nicer words.) I'd love to get rid of all toys and start over with ones I really appreciate. Like the puzzles I bought at a yard sale last month. Lovely wooden puzzles...

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