Married With Children - date idea #2

We love games. love.love.love them! I am always on the lookout for new 2 player games for us to play. From board games to card games to computer games to Wii games - we enjoy them all. We enjoy the competition and will usually play for a couple hours at a time.
We usually make a snack to go along with our game and if it's a board or card game we sit on our back porch to play.

We go through phases as to what our "go-to" game is, but some of our favorites have been:

Sudoko - we print them and race each other
Wooly Bully
In a Pickle
Connect 4
Wii Sports
Mario Kart (Wii game)
Pool (from Yahoo games)
Poker (from Yahoo games)

What are your favorite 2 player games?


Amber said...

Wii Sports
Wii Racing
Settlers--more difficult with 2 people, so we like to log on to the online version and play other people. www.playcatan.com

JobandBrittany said...

We have phase 10 marathons!! We also like Sorry and as mentioned in a previous blog I'm always on the look out for super nintendo games.... :)

Jessica Morris said...

we loooooove settlers too!! we play on the computer too :)

Stacy said...

Settlers with 2 people works better with a few house rules. The biggest one is that we roll the dice to generate resources twice. It helps the game move along a bit better.
Get your hands on a card game called Dominion. Dh and I have played at least 1-2 hands every night for about 2 weeks, and it plays great 2 player.

Ally D said...

We love love Settlers. And we play Scrabble every now and then. But our go to game has always been Backgammon. Specifically Russian rules. If you're ever looking for a FANTASTIC two person game, my mum and stepdad taught us, and we just took off with it.

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