30 Days of Littles Day 29

Children are funny.
And absolutely hilarious.

While most of the time it is easy to see the humor (funny things they wear or say!) other times it is easy to let exhaustion and the mundane chores of daily life get in the way of how I see the boys.
The other day I was exhausted. I'd drank a bit too much coffee the day before (*ahem* 12 cups to be exact. I only know how to much coffee by the pot full.) and I didn't fall asleep til after 3 am.

I haven't been that tired in a long, long time. And it was totally my fault I was that tired.
Totally didn't make me feel ANY better knowing I'd brought it entirely upon myself.

Anyways, I was crabby and exhausted and wanted to lock myself far away from my children.
But seeing as that's not really an option I pulled out this clown hat I'd bought for the boys, grabbed my camera and took some pictures.
Oh. And I ate an entire cut-n-bake thing of cinnamon rolls.
Laughing with (ok, AT. I laughed AT them) my children and eating 5,000 calories worth of yumminess made my day so much better and put things in a better perspective.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


TammyIsBlessed said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!

Yeah, that definitely would help make the day better.

Jen said...

hehe so cute!! what a way to cheer up... photos and yummy food :)

Erin from PA said...

That's the cutest little clown I've ever seen ;)

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