Lampshade Makeover

I forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine the lamp shade without anything on it.

We were given this lamp (and a second matching one) as a wedding gift and I just love them! But after many moves the shades were a bit scruffy looking and ready to retire ... but before I could let them go I decided to try a project I had seen in a magazine.

I used painters tape to tape off the bottom part and then painted it the color that we plan on painting the Family Room - "secret passage". It's a light gray almost blue color. Dreamy.

I will eventually get a wider ribbon and put it around the lamp shade - this one doesn't fit the entire way around and is being held on with double sided tape.

While the pictures are poor quality and the ribbon is a bit crooked at the moment the paint and ribbon really does jazz up the lampshade and I kinda love the new look!!

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Nicole said...

Very nice!

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