Married with Children - date idea #4

Before Judah was born we did (at least!) weekly dates to the coffee shop. We would take our favorite magazine, book or game and sit with each other. Sometimes we had deep conversations, other times we were lost in our own books. It was cozy. And I think it was Paul's favorite date activity.

We have tried to recreate that same environment here in our home. We buy nicer coffee, brew a pot and sit and relax with each other over a cup of coffee. Or Chai tea :) Chai is a favorite here too.
We've tried to make our back porch a cozy place to sit - special lighting, over sized blankets- and that is where we take our cups of coffee to.

It's not that sitting with cups of coffee on our back porch is a special date activity, but it's recreating a date that we use to love doing that is special.

What was your favorite pre-child outside the house date? Is there an easy way to recreate that in your home to surprise your husband?

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