Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen things I have learnt

1. Love at first sight does exist

2. You can happily survive on much less sleep than previously thought possible

3. It is easier to go out and buy more underwear than it is to do a load of laundry.

4. I like nurses more than doctors

5. The NICU is loud

6. Sneezing hurts

7. It's nearly impossible to force yourself to wake up to pump in the middle of the night.

8. Paul does know how to change a newborns diaper (this info will come in handy!)

9. I'd rather smell slightly bad then attempt to put deoderant on (because of swollen lymph nodes) -ouch

10. Now that he is here people no longer say "oh. interesting..." when we tell them our sons name is Judah.

11. It is really exciting and almost brag worthy to see the amount of milk I pump increase each day. (Ok, confession - I drag Paul to the freezer when he gets home so he can see it.)

12. I will probably end up with thousands of pictures of Judah in his first year alone. We're nearly at 200 pictures right now, and he is just five days old.

13. Giving birth is an undescribable experience - I am in awe of God's design for human life.

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jenny said...

adorable! having newborn is not always fun but I miss it! LoL!

Becki said...

200!!! Show us some more! Or send them!

An excited auntie

Becki said...

I'm insatiable! LOL. You have more important things to do. Just take care of Judah! And yurself!

HighlandAmy said...

Hi - Found you on TT...

Congrats on the new baby!
I think Judah is a cool name!

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