More pictures!

A shirt from Rachel. This is a 'newborn' size - poor little guy is DROWNING in it!! I didn't leave him in it - just wanted the picture =)
A rare occurance - his eyes are open!!

All he's hooked up to is one moniter - and it can be taken off him so that I am able to take him into a private from for cuddles and feedings!

Doin' what he does best! SLEEP!

He makes the funniest faces.

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Anonymous said...

Paul and Jess,
You are so blessed to have such a handsome son. Iam so glad he is healthy and coming home today. He is really sweet. We all can't wait to meet him. We ( the children and I) check your blog every day to see how he's growing and changing. I am so glad to hear that he is willing to nurse. The sooner he is just nursing the easier it will be for you to get your rest. It's such a blessing to just take a nap and nurse a little one.

Keep on keeping on. If you can perseverwe through the first 3 months or until he reaches 12 pounds, all of a sudden it will get a lot easier.

We love you guys and you are in our prayers.

Jen, for the Mengs

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