Judah is up to 6lbs!!

I got tons of pictures of him today for his birth announcement cards. I think I will be ordering the pictures tonight or tomorrow and then by the end of the week I will have all his pictures to finish off the cards and for his scrapbook.

It is bath day today, and Paul isn't here to do it. Bummer. Jude does not like his bath. In fact he hates his diaper coming off. He's quite the modest little fellow.
There isn't much he will fuss over, let alone cry about. But when the diaper comes off he lets out a loud cry. Diaper changes are quick enough it doesn't bother me. But the bath lasts a little longer. Can't wait for Paul to come home to take back bath duty!


Erika said...

Too cute!

Erin said...

Awww...Jess he is too cute! I have to visit your blog almost everyday to get my "baby fix" its like a drug...cant get enough!! :-)

Bethany said...

Aw, he is just adorable. So tiny!

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