We're parenting all wrong ... or all right??

Three weeks into this parenting thing and according to chapter four of one book we're doing great. Chapter six of another book tells us we're doing it all wrong.
Really, who cares?? Who reads those books to find out how they're doing? It's not like you'll get a report card. Those ended in grade twelve. In five years your once baby won't report you for having let him or her sleep in your bed. And he won't remember that maybe you forgot every now and then and let him sit in a dirty diaper for a little longer than he should have. And whether he had the breast only, a bottle only, or a bottle and the breast mixed together (oh horrors - every books nightmare - that's us! We don't 'fit in' to any of those books, we do it all!) in a few years it won't matter. No child would still be on the breast or bottle.
I think the purpose of parenting books is to make parents sweat just a little bit more. So they can make their own report card for themselves. Who needs that stress??
I am going to write a book all parents should own. It will be called "The One and Only Parenting Book All Parents Should Own." And when it is opened it will be blank. Absolutely totally blank. That way there is no conflicting advice. No standard to meet. No one telling you you're doing it right, and then the next chapter telling you you're doing it wrong. We're all intelligent people - God made us that way.
I wonder if anyone would buy my book??


Pete said...

Parenting is flying by the seat of your pants.
just don't forget to have fun doing it.. mine was born yesterday and is already ten today.
thanks for commenting on my blog

Paul said...

I'd buy that book sweetie. I'd buy ten of them! and put them all on my bathroom bookshelf. I love you!

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