First outing

Judah had his first outing yesterday. We went down to the front office for all the office ladies to see him - they almost wouldn't give him back!! He slept through the whole thing, but did do his cute little hiccups for them!
Then we went out to the grocery store - our shelves and fridge were in desperate need of restocking!! I had Jude in the baby sling Paul had bought me and he was happy as anything in there.
Paul had yesterday off work so he was with us the whole day (and did manage to get all of our laundry done for those that were getting worried). The laundry and the groceries were the two big things we tackled yesterday. The rest of the day was spent sleeping or staring at our son!

Paul is back at work today and we may go meet up with him for lunch as we have to go out anyway to pick up some scales for Judah so we can measure how much he is eating.

Tomorrow he has two dr appointments. One with the pediactric uroligist and one with his regular pediatrician.


Hepzibah The Watchman said...

YOur son is adorable and I love the name Judah. May God bless you and your family, indeed.

Essie said...

What? No picture with this post? I am amazed!

Anonymous said...

Hi he is cute, I would take him everywhere too. I trust that you are trying to sleep when he does so you can get some rest back. I love the pictures that you are putting Up. I copy and then print them so I have something to put into my Judah's book.

I love you AP

Crystal said...

Glad to hear you now have clean undies! WTG!! :o)

I hope your dr apts go well tomorrow.

Becki said...

I hope the doctors appointments went well! Praying for you all!

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