Thursday Thirteen #14

I love baskets so much! Here is my list of thirteen places/uses I have for some of my baskets!

1. In our bedroom holding magazines

2. In our bedroom holding all my belts

3. In our bedroom holding my hair things

4. Under our bathroom sink holding my hair dryer and straightner

5. In the bathroom closet holding extra razors, soaps, etc

6. In the laundry room holding sample packs of laundry soap and the dryer sheets

7. In the living room holding diapers, wipes, burp cloths and a change of clothes

8. In the living room holding all Judah's baby cards

9. In the kitchen cupboard holding our hot drinks

10. In the kitchen cupboard holding our snacks

11. In an extra closet holding my scrapbooking supplies

12. In Judah's room holding all his clothes, diapers, blankets, etc (he's got six baskets!!)

13. In Judah's room holding all his books and stuffed animals.

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Raggedy said...

Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Kathy said...

Love the basket list! It gives me a few ideas....hmmmmm. You have a beautiful son!

Essie said...

I need more pictures of him! I've been all the way since Monday with no new pictures... :(

Bubba said...

I'm just thinking...you have 13 baskets? As a guy, it's kind of hard to relate...I don't think I've had 13 baskets in my life, much less in my house right now...lol

Happy TT!

christine said...

Sounds like you're very organized. We need help in our household. Baskets may be a good solution! BTW, your son is adorable!

Crystal said...

Oooh I love baskets too. I have a TON of them, but most of them aren't used. Hmm.

Pen said...

I absolutely love baskets, buckets, or any container that can be used for organizing. While at Target today, I noticed the cutest little metal pails in the Dollar Spot. I think I need to go pick up a few! I will find something to put in them! :)

amy said...

What a neat list and what a wonderful baby!

jewlsntexas said...

I just posted my first Thursday Thirteen - and am making the rounds visiting others.
I love baskets - I would love to ultimately learn to make them. My favorite basket was made by my friend Carol and holds my Bible and Bible study book - and sits by my chair.
BTW - cute cute baby!

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