Byebye NICU

All dressed up in his going home outfit.
He's ready to go home!!!
Today was quite the day for us!! Well, really, what day hasn't been 'quite the day' for us this past week?
The doctors were to have done Judah's circumcision by 9am, but by 1:30 they still hadn't started it. I had been at home trying to get things unpacked, cleaned and organized, but when they hadn't done anything I decided to go in and maybe help speed things up. (And honestly, I wasn't really getting much done! I was too excited and antsy!)
On my way in the nurse called and told me that they had started it and that I should just wait in the waiting room when I got there - it should be no more then 15 minutes.
An HOUR later she came in to get me. She told me she needed to talk to me about something, and she didn't want to do it around other people, would I please follow her out. Ah! Not a nice thing to hear!! As I was following her out I asked her what was wrong. She said - and I quote- "Oh, it's not life threatening."
Talk about making me nervous!! I hadn't been thinking it was all that bad, and for her to actually say "not life threatening" suddenly made it rather scary.
It turns out that Judah has hypospadias - if you don't know what that means I can almost assure you that you don't want to know!! But feel free to google it if you want! There is a .3% chance for boys to get this! And our baby has it! Poor little guy.
And to top it off now the world wide web knows about it too.
I am sure that'll make him proud some day!! Haha.
I am to meet with a pediatric urologist sometime this coming week to discuss our options. I definitely hope Paul can be there to hear all our options and to decide what should be done!!
Once they explained all that to me I was left in a room right beside the nursery while they cleaned up all the blood (they had started to do the circ, so there was blood.) It was awful - from the room I was in I could hear him screaming. I kept asking to be allowed to go back and be with him to try to comfort him, but they wouldn't let me. That was so rough hearing him crying like that and not being able to do a thing about it!!
Once that ordeal was over with the nurse just ran over some things with me, I dressed him, fed him, and then we left!!
We were heading home - after a quick stop at the pharmacy and McDonalds! I was kind of sad because Paul was having to work an hour and a half away today and they were going to make them spend the night there, so he wouldn't be home until late Sunday night and there was no one else to welcome the little guy home.
But when we got home there were balloons at our door and a card from the staff at the apartment here welcoming Judah home!!
And then when I walked in to our apartment Paul walked out of the bedroom!!! They had finished todays work early and decided to come back here for the night!!! It is the best surprise ever - to have Paul here on Jude's first night home! Paul was so sweet about it all - he had cleaned up a little more, bought me flowers and he'd picked up something for supper. So cute!!
So now we both get to cuddle with our baby all we want to, with no monitors, no background beeping, and no nurses standing guard. Our baby is home for good.


Crystal said...

Yay! I'm so glad he's home where he belongs!

Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

Yay for Judah!

Becki said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I'm so excited and happy for all three of you! (And thank you for all the pictures!)

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