Thursday Thirteen #13

Everyone keeps telling me
'Chores will be there forever, your baby won't be. Enjoy him!'
And I have taken them up on that advice. In fact I love hearing that from people because it makes me feel better about what I haven't done at the end of a day!!

Thirteen tasks that should get done:

1. Wash the kitchen floor
2. Vacuum all the carpeting
3. Wash the windows
4. Organize our pots and pans

5. Sort through my clothes - what's too big or too small
6. Sweep the bathroom floor

7. Organize the storage closet
8. Clean off our porch
9. Organize our dvd collection
10. Put away all our clean laundry
11. Organize Judah's clothes
12. Organize my craft closet
13. Dust the knickknacks

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Stacie said...

boy that'll keep you busy huh? I need to get all that done too! Yikes. I say we should hire a housekeeper! LOL Great TT,
I played too

Essie said...

please do #5 before I come:) I can help you get rid of the small ones;)

Chelle A. said...

Great TT! Yep, enjoy your sweet baby. I blinked and my "baby" turned 13 years old last summer ;)

Lady G~ said...

Great advice! My granma told me that almost 20 years ago when our first Baby Girl was born.

She was right. We are now blessed with five children. Looking back, I haven't regretted taking her advice.

Enjoy your precious child. They grow up in a blink of an eye...

Shoshana said...

These looks like my list of chores!

Retta said...

I completely agree, kids over chores ;)

Bethany said...

Do #6 and #10 and leave the rest for later!

Julia said...

What a beautiful baby, but of course you knew that! :) My son's five and only last week did I get around to doing a big clothes cleaning in his room.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Thanks for the comment and yes, I did get three or four done. Alas, the laundry will probably have to be rewashed tomorrow. :(

jdoriot said...

I've got a similar list...but never get it done! It's much more fun snuggling a baby! lol!!

Tink said...

Thanks for welcoming me to the blogroll. I've been away for a midweek, but next week my #29 will be up!

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