Eventful evening

Last night was an eventful evening.
Paul planned a surprise date for us - he took me to a Lynx hockey game!! It was fun, but we were both so tired we couldn't really get into the game, and I was in so much pain sitting there that we left in the middle of second period! We'd had a lot of fun together, so neither of us minded leaving early.
We were right by the hospital and Paul wanted to get some cuddle time in with his son before going home, so we went over there. Paul accidently drove through a stop sign on the hospital property and soon there were two police cars behind us with flashing lights and three cops 'standing guard' around our car! They kept us there for a good five minutes, and then let us go with a warning. It was quite the drama.

Judah is doing so, so well! They are letting him come home TODAY!! I am just waiting on a call from the nurse as to when they'll release him. I think the nurses will be happy to see him go. I was asking several times a day when he'd be able to come home =) He takes a bottle with no problems at all, and he will breastfeed just fine - though the silly nurses hardly gave us a chance. The few times we were given the opportunity to try he did fine.
I think a prerequisite for nurses working in the NICU be that they've had a child in there at one point too. He's had some wonderful nurses that I have just loved, and other ones that ... well, I wasn't so fond of.
It's funny - because he is in a nursery with preemies and he is the healthiest and biggest of them all I feel like I had a giant of a baby!! Compared to the other little ones in there he is HUGE! I think he is weighing in about 5lbs 11oz right now. So definitely by 'normal' standards not huge!

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Essie said...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! I won't call until I know he's home so that you don't miss the call!:)

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