More pictures =)

He makes this face a lot - nose in the air and pouty little lips. He seems to do it a lot just before feeding - like he is daring me to seperate those little lips and make him eat.

His cute little toes
And cute little ear.
And hands =)

It's just me and the little dude till tomorrow night. In the last 4 weeks Paul has only had to be away (with work) for one night. In the next 6 days he will be gone 3 nights! Gotta love life in the Army =)

Paul bought me a bigger memory stick for my camera - it is eight times bigger than the one I had before. Which means I can take somewhere close to 2,000 pictures and not have to empty the card. Yay! I love pictures =)

The nurses all told me that babies do *not* snore, but here it is on video - our baby does snore!!


Anonymous said...

Boy does he ever wiggle. You can't leave him on a bed!! He will be crawling before you know it. I(s it warm enough for him to sleep with no clothes on? He certainly appears to be strong. Yes and he sdoes snore. A noisy one to sleep with!! Who does he get that from?

Love ya AP

Essie said...

I love the snores!! So cute!

Becki said...

Ooooh! He's so adorable! I'm in love already!

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