Sleepin' babe

Judah has been doing great - we have gone 24 hours with no bottles, I think he's caught on to breastfeeding! Go baby! We're still going to be weighing him before and after each feeding just to make sure that he is getting enough food, but that won't last too long.

The Dr. visits went well today. The urologist doesn't seem to think he has any problems - he thinks that the Dr who started the circumcision stopped too soon and that if he had cut a little further he would have seen that everything was fine. So the urologist is going to try to continue the circumcision in a few weeks. Hopefully it will go fine and he won't need surgery.

His pediatrician is a wonderful lady who Paul and I both really like (Paul got off work in time to join us at the appointment!) She said everything looked great, we're just to watch his weight.
He has another appointment with her next week.


Chelsea said...

hey jessica, glad to hear that Judah is doing well, and seems not problems. I continue to pray for the little guy and both you and Paul. I enjoy coming and reading about Judah and seeing his pictures. Always in my thoughts and prayers hunn,

with love and prayers

Erin said...

I"m so glad everything is going good. He is such a cutie!!

Becki said...

What a relief! All that worry for nothing! And the poor little guy! To have to go through a circumcision twice!

We've been praying!

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