Life According to Paul #1

Paul told me yesterday that he wants to have a voice on this blog - but he doesn't have the time to actually sit down and write anything. So it has been decided that Mondays will have its own special entry entitled "Life According to Paul."
The 'catch' to it all though is that although it's all things Paul has said it is still being written by me. =) He's a brave, brave man to let his wife interpret what he's said!!

So for todays entry here are two examples of how life would be if it were up to Paul:

- Being sick would be boring. There would be no sick presents, no comfort food, no special movie rentals.

- Our son would be potty trained by the age of one. Seriously. For some reason Paul thinks this is a do-able feat. One week and two days into diaper changing and he is tired of them already, so his solution is that Judah will be diaper trained within a year. His lack of interaction with babies becomes more and more evident each day =)

1 comment:

Paul said...

Hey! Just wait a sec! Premmies just don't know how good they've got it these days! When I was a youngster I was working full time, 26 hours a day! and I walked to work everyday, uphill, both ways! Through blinding blizzards...
All I'm asking is for him to do his business in a toilet... within the year...

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