Random thoughts - though all baby related

In an attempt to help Judah eat better I am going off all dairy products. I am so sad about that - I love all things dairy! I have a hard enough time remembering or finding time to eat - now I need to accomplish it while eliminating a whole food group.

A lactation consultant came over this evening for a couple hours to observe and help with Judah's nursing. She was great and really encouraging! Judah ate super well through the night and morning, then did poorly in the afternoon, but he is back on track again. The goal for him is that he gain one ounce a day.

I have lost 15lbs so far!! I still have 20 more to lose till I am prepregnancy weight, but at two weeks after his birth I am pleased with what I've lost.
It is rather funny - on discharge from the hospital they tell you that upon arriving home you are to start doing stomach crunches. I asked my nurse if it meant right away, and she said yes. I asked her if she was serious and she said "well, I suppose you could wait a few days..." I wanted to ask her if she'd ever been through labor. What woman even a week past delivery is able to do stomach crunches? OUCH!

There were a lot of funny or interesting Doctors and Nurses during our time there.
Judah's doctor told me that Judah is as ugly as his father.
One of my nurses in recovery - an older, heavy set, hippie looking woman - saw my belly ring and she asked if I'd had it in through the whole labor and delivery. When I told her yes she said "YOU GO GIRL." Paul and I just cracked up when she walked out of the room.
Another nurse - in L&D- was from Nigeria! She had moved over here five years ago with her husband and children. When she found out I had been there she treated me extra nice and did a few big favors for me that I don't think she would have otherwise done =)

Paul still isn't home yet. Sigh. I miss him. It'll probably be midnight or a little later now before he gets back here. It wasn't a big deal having Judah through the night on my own. He doesn't do anything during the night that he doesn't do during the day. Oh! The little guy is awake =) I am going to go hold him.

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