Stoked as a Goat

Paul has the next two days off work!! HURRAY!!! In fifteen year old lingo "I am stoked as a goat." (Ok, so maybe my brother doesn't actually say that, but I can imagine him saying it.)

Paul bought me the cutest Valentines Day present. He bought me my most favourite movie in the world - 'Gone With the Wind' - and along with the movie a promise to watch it with me AND to take me to where most of the movie was filmed (just a few hours from here)! I thought that was SO very sweet of him =)
While he was away he also went shopping and bought me a couple cute outfits. I have one brave - and very fashionable- husband. He does very well picking out nice clothes that actually fit - or that will fit very soon :)
I have decided that it is time to start doing those stomach crunches that the nurse said should be done that day I went home from the hospital =) Can't say I am stoked as a goat about doing those...

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