A couple random thoughts

I was kissing Judah this morning and he spat up directly into my mouth. It wasn't like he'd JUST finished eating - I am a little smarter than that! I had waited a good little while, and he'd already spat up his usual little bit. *ick* Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Mum and Esther will be here SOON - just a matter of hours! Woohoo! I am super excited.
Paul got home earlier than planned today, so we've had the whole afternoon together and he has tomorrow and Monday off! We're spoiled this weekend. Isn't it sad that I consider it a treat to have my own husband at home with me?? Ah well. Gotta stay positive =) He could be over in Iraq where I would never see him during the week. At least here I get to wash his socks and hear him snoring =)

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Crystal said...

Ewwwe!! lol Did you spit up back at him? ;oP

I know what you mean about feeling like it's a treat when your husband is home. It stinks!

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