Blue sunshine

Judah has jaundice and needs to be under the blue lights, which means we aren't really able to hold him much. He does look like a pretty cool dude under all the lights though!!! He just lays there with his hands up around his head and his feet in the air - with those "sun glasses" he looks like he's out relaxing in the sunshine.

I gave him his bath tonight - can't wait to be able to do it at home without a nurse over my shoulder talking to me like I am eight years old!!!

Paul burping Judah


Essie said...

He's a smurf! I love it!!!

Crystal said...

You have a mighty blue baby, there, Jessica. He's still cute though. ;o)

Catherine (almost_grinch_ said...

I love seeing all your pictures of Judah.

Anonymous said...

He gets cuter every day! Praying you get him home soon!


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