Thursday Thirteen #7

In honor of the upcoming road trip, today’s thirteen is THIRTEEN FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT ROADTRIPS:

1. Anticipating the destination. Especially this trip – where I will be seeing PAUL again!!
2. The bathrooms. Seriously, there are some pretty cool bathrooms at different fast food joints, gas stations and truck stops. Some are pretty nasty, but that’s the price you pay for finding the cool ones. I have seen a velvet wallpapered bathroom, and being so impressed with the woman’s my friend and I snuck into the mans and their urinal was a stone waterfall!! Too cool!
3. The scenery. It never gets boring – and the longer the trip the more variety of scenery you see.
4. Playing games. Who hasn’t played the license plate game on a long road trip? Or counted how many cows you could see in a certain amount of time? Or thrown bouncy balls out the window as you drive down a hill … a car drives faster than bouncy balls can bounce. (Just in case you haven’t tried this activity yourself)
5. Food. It all tastes better when you’re in the car. And different states have different foods. Like the boiled peanuts we found in North Carolina. They tasted gross, but that was my fault for picking a guy who hadn’t made them right.
6. Audio books. When you’re sitting in the car it’s very easy to listen to someone else reading a book. I have made it through many of Mary Higgins Clark's books - and Paul actually likes them too =)
7. Discovering new places. Paul and I found ‘America’s largest McDonalds’ on one of our trips. =) We didn’t bother to stop and eat there though. Just took a picture of it!
8. Listening to music. What’s a road trip without music? Whether you’re the one belting it out and bouncing along, or the one complaining that it’s too loud and you don’t like it… a road trip isn’t complete without music.
9. Gas pumps. If you want to be thoroughly confused try filling up with gas at different gas stations. There seriously must be about half a dozen different pumps all with different operating instructions. After a long time in the car it makes for some comic relief.
10. Road Signs and billboards. There are some very humorous signs if you take the time to read them. There are two signs on I-90 that crack me up. Sign one reads “Do not pick up hitchhikers.” Sign two, about five miles down the road, reads “State penitentiary, next exit.”
11. No strict time schedule. Road trips are much more enjoyable when you have the freedom and flexibility to stop when you want to or when you see something that catches your eye … or when you want to take a ‘scenic’ route, that although very beautiful, adds an extra hour or two to your trip… you can do it! All because you’re not on a tight schedule. We have seen gorgeous places in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona that we wouldn’t have seen had we stuck to a schedule and map.
12. Accents. Or sayings only said in certain areas. Some people are just so funny, and they don’t even know it!
13. Familiar faces. It is amusing to me to see the same people over and over again when you’re driving. Whether you keep passing each other on the highway, or you see each other when you stop at rest stops, it gives me the warm fuzzies to feel like I know someone along the way. =) The record for running into strangers on a road trip was from Florida to Ontario and we saw the same family at different rest stops four times! Needless to say, I was highly amused.

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Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

If you think scenery is interesting, don't ever drive through Nevada. The drive between Reno and Las Vegas is nothing but desert sage brush and hills for eight hours.

PNoel said...

My favorite road sign of all time is in San Francisco. It ia an exit sign of 280 and it clearly state "Exit now for Hickey Blvd"

eder4jesus@yahoo.com said...

Just to let you know that you really fascinated me everytime I read your blog. It is so well written! Take care you TWO, LOL.

Crystal said...

Oooh I hate road trips (ESP the whole using the public restroom thing!!)

Glad you enjoy yours though.

Bethany said...

# 10 made me laugh because I remember passing those signs recently and laughing out loud.

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