Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen programs I use most on the computer
1. Internet Explorer - for my internet addiction of course =)
2. Microsoft Digital Imaging - I could spend hours and hours with this program- putting peoples heads on animal bodies or taking blemishes out of skin, it's so much fun to play around with!
3. Master Cook 7 - Paul just bought me this and it looks pretty cool. It has tons of recipies on it and I am able to add my own, make menus and make shopping lists from it!
4. Ares - A program to download music to and to organize all my music
5. Scrabble - it has different skill levels, so I can feel stupid or smart =)
6. Sudokou - same with this one!
7. Microsoft Office Word - for all my thoughts, letters, lists, etc.
8. Media Center - To organize pictures, listen to music and watch dvds
9. Windows Dancer - the silliest thing ever created, yet also one of the most entertaining things. When it's turned on a little person will dance in the corner of my screen. I can even download different charecters if I don't like the one that they have automatically loaded.
10. Spider Solitaire - an addictive game.
11. MSN - wonderful for staying in touch with friends!
12. Windows Media Player - another option for music or movies
13. Pinball - another addictive game =)

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Tink said...

I use a lot of those very often too, next to Excel and Google stuff. I'm also addicted to Mahjongg and Tetris.
My TT has 13 words to describe me.

Kristin said...

Fun Thursday Thirteen! Mine has 13 books I read over and over!

amy said...

I love really fun websites and blogs like this. We are from Ga as well. Scrabble sounds fun!

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