A little glimpse into the mind of pregnant women

A craving isn’t something that can simply be defined, nor can it be easily ignored. A craving may seem random and even disgusting to those around, but to a pregnant woman there is nothing more serious than the one (or two or three) items that she is obsessing about. A craving is, in fact, a complicated series of thoughts. For example:
A pregnant woman can walk into the kitchen with the intention of washing dishes, or putting something away. But then she sees something that triggers a thought. Maybe a coffee mug. Or the salt shaker. Or a block of cheese. The thought that develops – rather quickly – is “What can I do with this? What can I make to eat?” The salt might end up on carrot sticks simply because, when the fridge is opened they are front and center and are just screaming to be eaten with salt. Cheese may end up being eaten with ginger snaps, because, well, who doesn’t eat cheese with ginger snaps??
Buffets are a very dangerous place to take a pregnant woman. There is a huge array of foods, all begging to be combined in combinations that will knock the socks off of your dinner partner. Mac and Cheese with olives. Pizza with sour cream. It’s almost sensory overload! So many options.
Another way a craving is developed is memory. A pregnant woman can be sitting looking at pictures – pictures of people, scenery, etc. Then all of a sudden she will remember the food she was eating while she was at that park, or the food she had for dinner the night that picture was taken two years ago. And trust me. When she remembers a food, she then needs it right away.

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