Goodbye stockings.

It is a great tragedy. Grandma Crowe sent home all the grandkids stockings this year. She has always guarded those stockings like family jewels – making sure that she had them all in order, ready to fill for the next year’s family Christmas get together. I always liked what she had in them – handy purse sized Kleenex, hand cream and lip balm. Lots of candy. Socks or mittens. A toy, ornament or jewelry. And of course the apple and orange in the toe.
It’s not that the tragic event is that we’re no longer going to get those stocking stuffers. I can survive without those things. But who wants their grandma to be too old to be able to do things? Especially something that has always been so special to her to be able to do for us. Sigh… grandma is getting older and that is so sad.

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Catherine (almost_grinch) said...

I agree that it is sad when grandparents get older.

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