Random Fact about us:

At breakfast this morning I realized something.
It was the first time in our married lives eating grapefruit together!!!
It was made obvious that we'd never had such an experience eating that fruit together when I passed him the sugar bowl and he asked why.
My thoughts -
'Why?!?! You ask why? Seriously, who DOESN'T eat that fruit without sugar on top?'
His thoughts -
'Who DOES eat that fruit with sugar on it?'
So I ate with, he ate without.
But the grapefruit differences don't end there.
Ah no.
He wanted a 'grapefruit spoon' to eat his grapefruit with. I shudder at the thought of eating fruit with a spoon with sharp pokey things at the end of it.
And while he wanted the spoon, I wanted a 'grapefruit knife' - the bent one that curves around the fruit and loosens all the pieces for you.
I don't think he believed me that such a knife exists.
Seeing as we didn't have either available we used a regular knife and a regular spoon.
It tasted just great =)

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Andy and Jenelle said...

That is soooo funny. I eat sugar with my grapefruit and Andy does not. He gives me a look like I don't know what I'm doing when I add the sugar.

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