Cuddled up in his blanket from Great-great Aunt Polly

Judah is doing so well! I spent the whole day at the hospital with him - they have taken out his feeding tube and he has just one IV on him that will stay on him until he is released from the hospital. We still don't know when that will be. He isn't digesting his food well, and he isn't eating very much so they want that to be better before they will let him come home.
He was weighed today at 5lb 10.3oz. We still haven't a clue how long he is. We have asked and it wasn't written on his chart, so no one knows! Tomorrow I think we'll just measure him ourselves =)

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Crystal said...

Okay, I'm officially a blog stalker! I keep checking your blog every few hours to make sure I don't miss new pictures or announcements of improvements.


Oh well, at least I'm too far away to really stalk you, right? ;o)

Eat, baby Judah, eat!

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