Now that you can call Ugli

We bought an ugli fruit today!! Neither of us had ever heard of it before, so we decided we had to buy it to check it out. We haven't cut into it yet, but in an attempt to learn more about this fruit I found this website dedicated to the fruit - www.ugli.com. =) How funny is that?


Crystal said...

Hey, beauty is in the eye of the, umm, produce man. What's on the inside is all that matters, right? Right??

Anonymous said...

What does a ugli taste like? I have always wondered. Please take care of my GREAT great newphew. UF and I have applied for our passports and I trust that it won't take all year to come. Then I will be able to fly down or maybe drive. Your Mom has just tried to explain how I can use this so I will see if it works for me. We love you both or should I say three. We are praying for you and the baby. Love GAP

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