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I am home now. It may not look like home - with packing boxes everywhere and things stacked in piles in every room - but if "home is where the heart is" then I am home, here with my hubby.
It was a long drive down here - Friday evening we stopped at the Stiefler's for our 'Christmas' with them, and to spend the night. We were well fed, even Spencer, a bottemless pit, was stuffed by the end of the evening! Grandpa gave me a rather cool looking drinking jug with four matching glasses that had belonged to his brother. It looks like it's from the 60's. I really like it and am excited to use it.
Saturday night we stopped in Beckley, West Virginia, and Sunday afternoon we arrived at our new apartment. Paul didn't get home from work until 11:00pm!! It seemed like AGES - being SO close to him, and yet him not being able to come home!! But he did finally make it home.
Monday mum, Spen and I got some unpacking/rearranging done, and we picked up some groceries.
Tuesday morning mum and Spen left bright and early.
Paul had been given the day off, but he was SO sick! Poor guy. On his birthday too! Neither of us felt like making anything, so we went to Atlanta Bread House for his birthday meal. =)
Paul did a marvelous job picking out the apartment for us. I love it!! One of the best things about it is that the walls aren't white!! They have been painted a nice beige color, so it feels a little more homey. I like it a lot! It's going to take a while to get everything put away, but it's an activity that I enjoy doing - especially with now being able to decorate the baby's nursery!! Only forty eight more days till the little guy gets here!! YAY!!! =)

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Andy and Jenelle said...

So glad to hear you and the hubby are back together now (that sounds kind of bad now that I re-read it but you know what I mean). You were only a little ways away from where I am. I've been down South for a little over two weeks now.

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