Yard Sale Finds - Decorating edition

I almost like the sign on the lamp as much as the lamp itself! I found it near the end of a morning of yard sales and the lady told me I could have it for $1! It is in perfect working order, and depending on where I end up putting it in the house I may paint the base.

This is one of my favorite yard sale finds - it is a really rich color, I am not sure why it is so washed out looking in the picture. It is also huge - about 40x50 inches. The lady had it marked for $15 and I asked if she would take $10. She happily said yes. I got home and googled the artist and his work sells for anywhere from $200 - $500! So I ended up with a really sweet deal!

Paul isn't crazy about these two pictures, but I thought they were sweet. The pictures are painted on the square wood, with a gold boarder painted around. It has a crackle finish over the whole thing.
They'll probably end up in my laundry closet :) They're each about 20x20 inches-ish and were $1.25 each.

This candle holder was .50 cents and is currently sitting in our bedroom while I try to decide if that's really where I want it hung!


Nicole said...

I like that lamp! It's very simple and cute :o)

WOW! That painting was an amazing deal!!!! Good find Jessica!

I like those 2 crackle paintings. I think they are cute and they'd look really nice in your laundry closet.

Very cool candle holder!

Okay, so now I want to go to garage sales :P

Catherine said...

You find nice stuff! I wish I had an eye for decorating.

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks :) I hope I have inspired you Nicole - it is SO fun!!

Get some decorating magazines and read them Catherine - or decorating blogs. Lots of ideas out there!

The Rock Chick said...

More great stuff! WOW!!! I love the large painting you got a steal on! The blues are fantastic. I also like the two crackle finish paintings. I think they are sweet and have a very homey feeling to them.

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