Ice Cream Juice

Last weekend I put the boys in the car and did something I have told myself I would never do when it comes to yard sale-ing - I went to individual yard sales.
While I came out of it with some nice finds, it reinforced to me that neighborhood and church yard sales are the most efficient, have the best prices and the best selection.

I had mapped out my route - I religiously check craigslist GARAGE SALE section all week - and there were no neighborhood yard sales to be had. But my addiction had gotten the best of me, and I decided that it didn't matter that the homes were spaced far apart.

In the end I had a good morning out with the boys. Neither of them were feeling very good, and they enjoyed being in the car for most of the morning. I hear that's odd for kids to be content sitting in their car seats watching the world go by, but mine sat for three hours and were happy as larks.

Judah (2 yrs old) got out at most of the yard sales, and when we would leave one he would say "Mommy, more houses? See more people?" I couldn't have been more proud of that boy! After the two hour mark he says to me "Mommy, Judah ice cream please?"
I'm not sure where he got this sudden craving for ice cream. He's had it less than a handful of times in his life. But if he was ever going to pick a time to ask for ice cream, he picked the best time!

Tip for any 2 year olds reading this: spend two hours doing your mommy's favorite activity, rooting her on and having a joyful attitude, and then politely ask for the snack you desire. It'll work.

I went through a McDonalds drive thru and, making a quick smart-momma decision, opted for a (lidded!) milk shake for him over an ice cream cone in the back seat of my car. When I handed it to him he said "Momma, not ice cream!" I told him it was "Ice cream juice."
That did the trick! He enjoyed his "ice cream juice" and now every time he sees the Golden Arches (why ARE they all over the place?!) he asks for more ice cream juice.

Anyways, back to the yard sales.

I found a wonderful yard sale full of size XS, S and a few M womens clothes. Her husband was selling the clothes and he told me everything was $1. I think the wife would have died if she knew how cheap her clothes were being sold for! She had designer and name brand clothes in near-new condition. I only bought two pieces as I won't fit in those sizes for a long time.

After all was said and done this past weekend I picked up 6 pieces of clothing at $1/piece. I googled the items and found 5 of them - the retail price for those 5 items was over $170! I was thrilled.

Here are two of my yard sale finds:

Blue. Lace. Charming.

This is in the top running for my favorite clothing purchase ever. In fact, I like it so much I am almost wishing it was cool enough to wear it! A blue, 100% leather jacket. I love the contrasting white stitches. It fits me perfectly. This was at the sale where the husband was selling his wifes clothes for $1!

Tomorrow is our base-wide yard sale - there are 5 'neighborhoods' on the base participating and it will be HUGE! I went last year and have dreamed about it happening again since then. From what I saw last year there weren't many people out shopping. I don't think most people realize you can easily drive onto your local military base. If you live near one call and ask if and when they hold their base wide yard sale.
Last year I spent about $25 on Judah and completely clothed him from 18 - 2 T clothes (including pajamas, dress clothes and a leather bomber jacket), got him several pairs of shoes in various sizes (that he promptly outgrew - that boy has BIG feet!) and also bought him several classic wooden toys.

Check out Jen's blog for more participants in her Frugal Fashionista and to see her great trenches!


Jen@balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh Jessica - these are awesome finds. :)
Sorry about Mr. Linky. It's been on and off all week and when I saw that only one person (before you) had linked up, I pulled it off. I'll put it up again next week - I'll let everyone know so that we can do more of a "Fashion Show" again. :)
Go back and leave this link in the comments though, so people can still find this post.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Don't worry, I didn't take it in a not nice voice. :) I just felt bad that I had taken it down right when you went to put it up.

Bethany said...

LOL @ ice cream juice!!! I love it, too. Yum.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Oh dear, that Base sale sure sounds tempting. I haven't been to a good sale in forever!!!! I will let you know. What time does it start? Let me know. It is sure on my mind now. Jackie

Michelle said...

wow! thanks for the tip. We do have a base not terribly far from here. They probably don't hold onto everything cause they move so much.

Have I been to your blog before? I came over cause you left me a comment but I scanned over your blog and you have a lot of interesting stuff. Gonna have a looksee.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Awesome jacket! I love it!


Michelle said...

I live in OK...so no such luck.

I love homebirthing, but did have to transfer for my last birth.

We went in with a birth plan too...wanted it to be as hands off as I could get. and while the doctor initially agreed to all of my (DEMANDS) requests, she changed that up pretty quickly.

I was mostly strapped to the bed the whole time.

She also told me that she would let DH catch but then backed out of that too.

In the end I waited until we were alone and pushed out my boy in a few pushes.

His birth story is on my blog: Asa. and daughters is on my husbands...new-think...Millicent.

It's good visiting with you!

Michelle said...

If you go into your dashboard and change your email settings, I can email you directly when you comment on my blog. Then we can just email without having to blog comment.

Blissfully Enamored said...

you are so lucky to have found that CUTE blue dress!!!! i love it!!!! :)

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