Our city holds a Military Awareness (Appreciation?... not sure which!) Festival downtown each year and it was this weekend.
They have booths set up from each branch of the Military, lots of tanks that they let the kids climb all over and then a whole bunch of other Military related activities going on. Paul and I took Judah last year, and this year I took the two boys alone since Paul was working.

Judah was drawn to the guns and I took the picture of him (on the right) yesterday. Then I remembered the picture I'd taken last year (the one on the left) and had to dig it out of my files. YAY for organized digital pictures :) It was easy to find.

Anyways - can you believe it's the same boy?!
I wish I had taken a picture of Wesley with the gun too - Wezzy looks so.much like Judah use to!

Oh, and despite the fact he's not smiling in either picture, he is usually a very smiley boy. It's just that shooting guns is serious business!


Amber said...

Judah has really grown!
At first glance, I thought the pic on the left WAS Wesley...then I realized he's not that big. But they do look a lot alike, I've always thought so.

BTW, THANK YOU!!!!!!! for your suggestion (on facebook...where for some reason I can't click on your name!) to darken the windows in Levi's room. I did that and he is back to sleeping really well. :)

The Rock Chick said...

He is getting so big I can't even believe it! Cute!

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