Freezer Meals Pt 1

I have had a lot of Google searches for Freezer Meals leading people to my blog, so I thought I would repost my series from the Fall, but rather than doing it all in one week like before I think I will do one post per week for the next 5 weeks. It will be posted each Tuesday morning.

Why OAMC Isn't For Us

This past week I became obsessed with the idea of Once a Month Cooking - or OAMC. The concept is that you spend an entire day (5 - 8 hours from what I read) assembling and/or cooking meals for your family to eat over the next month. I spent a good deal of time researching the subject and have decided that it is not for us
at this stage of our life. I think it is a wonderful concept, but with two little ones under two years of age it isn't possible to devote 5-8 hours in one day to being in the kitchen. There are also a few other things that turned me off the idea.
  • Paul and I like to cook, and enjoy creating dishes together or for each other. Doing it only once a month wouldn't be fun, it would be a chore.
  • On top of the 5-8 hours of actual meal-making, a detailed grocery shopping trip is required and prep work prior to the day.
  • Paul is away a lot with work, and often times with only a short amount of notice. This would entirely throw off a meal schedule.
  • OAMC seems rather formal and schedule oriented. We are neither.
All of those points can be argued by a passionate OAMC-er. But I am not looking to argue, just sharing in part why this is not for us right now. That being said I have learned a lot through my research on OAMC and have become thoroughly impassioned about freezer cooking. Stick around and I will share with you some of the things I have learned about freezer cooking, why I love it and how it can work for you.

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Empty Nest Full Life said...

I have certain things that go in the freezer. I could a large pot of spaghetti sauce actually from OAMC and then freeze it in individual bags for many different recipes. I freeze lasagna in smaller portions since it is just the two of us. I freeze soups, because I make those in large quantities. Looking forward to hearing more of your freezer cooking. Jackie

Erin said...

I'm kind of the same way, I dont want to just cook once a month. However, I have gotten some great ideas from OAMC sites. And had made several recipes that are nice to have on hand, being a working mom. So a modified version of OAMC works for us (when I find time to do the cooking). What works better for us, is to make double batches of something I am fixing..like when I make a casserole, we eat one and freeze one. Or when I brown hamburger meat or cook chicken, I just cook a little more and it makes the next meal much quicker!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, I did it once and it was WAY more than 8 hours- it took SO long, my feet were killing me, the kitchen was a wreck and I was sure it would take me another 8 hours to clean it up. It was a total nightmare- LOL (at least I can look back and laugh now) I learned the hard way that it wasn't for us! Most nights I would forget to thaw a meal, and I really love to cook so I mostly abondoned the frozen food... it didn't work for us, although I do know it works for others. I like the idea of freezing food and am excited to read all your ideas.

Thanks for great ideas and recipes!

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