The thermostat in our oven doesn't work, which means our oven is capable of getting very, very hot. A sweet friend of mine picked up an oven thermometer for me at the grocery store and I set our oven to 175 F.
See where the dial thing in the Thermometer is set in the above picture? It went past 550 F and broke, right where it's at. It also left it that pretty burnt color. And that was after being in the oven for less than 20 minutes! Yikes!

We've had this problem since moving in, and as a result haven't done much cooking in the oven for the past two months.
Prior to knowing exactly how hot the oven gets (but being aware of an issue with the oven!) we decided to make some bread.
After 10 minutes in the oven the bread went up in flames!

Other than vegetables I have only tried one other dish in the oven, and that was meatloaf. I put the meat loaf in muffin pans, thinking that it would cook through a muffin-size chunk of meat quicker than a loaf-size. And it did! We had success with the meat loaf, although the tops did get quite brown on some of them.
But it was so yummy. And I need to remember muffin-size meat loaf for when we get a real oven again! They were kid-friendly and freezer friendly!
And rather than adding bread crumbs I added a huge amount of mashed up sweet potatoes. It was different but oh.so.yummy!

But back to our hot oven.

It is covered under our insurance, which we're super grateful for! A technician came out this past week, and after a bit of research, told us that the part we need is no longer being made and he couldn't find it, so unless our insurance company can find the part themselves we'd be getting a new oven - all for the $60 we pay when a technician comes to look at something in our house. YAY!

Our crockpot and grill have been getting a ton of loving these past couple months :) And while it's been fun being challenged to make up meals that don't involve an oven, we are really missing our breads and muffins and cookies!
They haven't said when they'll give up their search for the part and just buy us a new oven :) But I can't wait!


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Hope the new oven comes soon. Jackie

Jen said...

It sounds like a new oven is on its way to you :)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Cool! (I guess I should say not cool!)

BTW - guess who won my first ever blog giveaway? That's right - YOU did! Send me your mailing address at ntreimer at mts dot net

Alyson said...

I hope you don't cry if you have to let go of your cute oven. Remember...geraniums are the flower of choice...LOL!! Poor, poor thermometer...it had good intentions! Glad to see it made it into the blogging world.

Amber said...

That's kind of funny, actually!!! But, wow, I can't imagine being without my oven that long. I use it just about every day.
Love the meatloaf muffin ideas!

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