Book Basket

Judah loves to listen to us read him books, but it hasn't always been this way.
When he was almost a year and a half we decided that we wanted to commit to reading him books every single day - but he wanted nothing to do with them!
So we started out by locking him in the room with one of us and we'd read several books out loud to him while he played.
It took a bit of time, but he eventually stopped playing and sat on our lap as we read him his books. He (and now Wesley!) get read at least three books a day, so we love when we find unique children's books!

Here are some of our current favorites for our 2 year old and 11 month old:

Would You Rather Be A Bullfrog is a great conversation book - it is full of "would you rather be this or be that?" questions.
Judah would rather be a butterfly than a bullfrog. And he would rather be the color green than the color purple. Just if you wondered.

The Foot Book is so fun to read! Not only is it fun, but Judah's got his left and right down... at least when it comes to the feet :)

Heedley Pecked Me in the Eye is fun. I have mentioned it on here before, and we still love it! It's a story about a chicken that pecks someones eye that he mistook for a worm. Seriously. Who thinks of books like that?! I want to get more by the author.

Guess How Much I Love You. *sigh* Our kids have no choice but to love this book. Paul bought it for me just before we got married, how sweet is that?! I grab Judah's ears when I read him this story, because that's how the bunny starts the book, and because it makes him laugh.

A Fly Went By - whew! This is almost a tounge twister book! It's a super fun, fast pace rhyming book... well, I suppose it would be slow paced if you read it slow, but when you've got a fly and a pig and a fox and a cow and a ton of other animals running past you - and running fast! - you can't really read it slowly. It's soooo much fun to read!

Where the Wild Things Are. This book gets read to the boys every single day. I bought it just over a month ago, and have maybe missed a handful of days reading this one. I just LOVE this story and Judah likes to yell "BE STILL" to the Wild Things. They are making a movie of this book coming to theaters this summer and I can't wait! It'll be a mommy/son date :)

Daddy Could I Have an Elephant is another fun favorite. A little boy wants a pet, so he asks his daddy for an elephant and slowly works his way down to smaller and smaller pets until his dad says he can get a dog. I love that the boy is never rude to his father and I also love that his dad explains in very realistic terms why he can't have the bigger animals - an elephant would get stuck getting into the apartment, a gorilla would climb out the window and down the wall and visit unexpecting neighbors, a sheep would BAA at bedtime, etc. It's a cute book with a great dialoge between father and son!

By far my favorite book is one my sister wrote - and illustrated! - for the boys. It's a collection of two short stories involving penguins and a whale and with names like Wiggle, Pickle, Plop and Peploe you can't help but giggle along with the story!
She gave it to the boys for Christmas and I think it's one of the greatest gifts ever!! Hopefully she'll be adding to the short story collection (hint hint!)

Those are a few of our favorite books! Check out some more BOOK BASKET suggestions at The Happy Housewife.


Amber said...

I will have to try that idea with Levi. The only time he will listen to me reading a book is when it's bedtime and he is sleepy; that's part of our routine.
I just recently found the greatest book for kids, it's called "God Gave Us You". It is SO sweet!! I highly recommend it!

Nicole said...

Awesome lot of books there. And how sweet of your sister to write those for the boys!!
Nath was given a book along the lines of "Guess How Much I Love You" but it's a Christian version called "I Love you This much!" The kids LOVE it.

mum said...

I keep looking for "There are Rocks in My Socks" for you, I just can't give up my copy!! When you next come up (when the boys are teens?) I have a few here to read with them!

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