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In an effort to not drive my husband crazy, I thought I would take a picture of the ingredients I used to marinate some pork chops the other night. Just in case we liked them and wanted to repeat the recipe.

I've got this good? bad? habit of just throwing a bunch of stuff together and calling it a marinade. Or a salad dressing. Or dessert. Or even supper.
Usually I am pretty good at it, but because things are just thrown together I don't really remember what was thrown in. So this time I put everything together and left it on the counter til I was done. And then I took a picture.
And it's a good thing too, because this marinade was to.die.for. I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was good. Even the he-man was raving. And told me he hoped I had the recipe. WOOHOO for the photograph! Now I will always know what I put in the marinade.

I asked him about blowing up the picture and printing it and putting it on our wall - ya know, so we'd ALWAYS know how to make that killer marinade.
We could even start a theme - take a picture of *everything* that gets thrown together, blow it up, print it and then frame it for on our kitchen wall - I'd never forget what went in a recipe!
He wasn't so fond of the idea.

In case you didn't notice in the first picture, two of the spice labels are too smudged to read what they are. They just smelt like they'd go along well. And then I had to take a close up picture
1) to see if anyone knows what the spices are from sight and
2) in case no one knows what they are, I will be able to compare smudged labels to the picture and find the right spices again.

The day we moved into this house it was pouring rain. My in laws had given us a nice set of spices as a wedding gift, all hand labeled. Hand written labels and rain don't mix. So now we have a nice set of smudge-labeled spices.

It'll make for some fun seasonings.
Anyone want to come for dinner?! :)

I had bought a 5lb pack of pork chops. I didn't want to risk ruining all of it with one made up marinade, in case it was a disaster, so I made up a second and split the meat up between the two marinades. The second marinade was decent, but not as good as the first.
In other words, if I was allowed to hang ingredient pictures on my wall, this one would not be on the wall.

We grilled the pork chops on the grill and they were oh-so good.

We also grilled corn to go along with our meal. Well, we half grilled it. I boiled it inside first, and then took it out to the grill to blacken a bit. I was too impatient to wait for corn to fully cook on the grill :)
Grilled corn is my favorite summer food.


Stacy said...

If I had to guess, I'd say the spice on the right is ground coriander. Not sure about the other one.
My hubby is the one who's good at that- he can identify most spices by looking and nearly everything by smell.

Nicole said...

The one on the left could be cardemin (sp?) or cinnamon from the shapes of the letters and the colour.
What's that thing in the 'Grandma's" jar? and the other jar behind the minced garlic?

Jessica Morris said...

Molasses are in the "Grandma's" jar and the other one is red pepper flakes.

Alison and Ted said...

I LOVE smudgy spices, they are the BEST. I am so coming over for dinner to enjoy some!
No idea what they are...sorry, but we never make pork chops, and now that I have a marinade recipe I may just try some.

The Rock Chick said...

I agree-the spice on the right looks like Coriander. My hubby mixes all kinds of things for rubs and marinades, too. I keep telling him he has to write it down as he goes so he can make it again!!! I LOVE grilled corn. It sounds gross, but one of my favorite ways to eat grilled corn is with mayo, chili powder and lime squeezed all over it. It is SOOOOOO good!

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