More on Our Trip South

There was a huge drop where Judah was looking down into the Ocean. He is so brave! (And I held his foot!)

We found this great spot to eat a picnic dinner at. It overlooked Jacksonville and we only saw two other people the whole time we were there. It was so nice!

We spent one day in St. Augustine - Paul had the whole day off which was so nice!
We found this really cool restaurant called Santa Marie. It is on a pier right over the water and I highly recommend it! We saw dolphins while we were eating... and it gets cooler than that!

On the menu they had crocodile - it was expensive ($10 for those two skewers!!) but we decided to try it out as you don't often get the chance! It was really good, very similar to chicken.

Then the coolest part about the restaurant were these little trap doors on a ledge beside the window seats. You could open the trap door up and feed the catfish below. The waiter brought us a basket of old bread, and he kept it full the entire meal, so we could keep feeding the fish.

Catfish are big and ugly fish! These birds were hanging out waiting to catch any smaller fish that might venture over to get some bread - our waiter told us the catfish were too big for the birds, and that the catfish have a defense mechanism (spikes I think?) on the top of them that keeps birds from scooping them up.

After lunch - which was seriously the coolest lunch I have ever had!! - we went to an Alligator Farm. We hesitated at first as it was pretty expensive - about $20 an adult (our boys were free.)
But we decided to go for it and we're both so glad we did! It is well worth the entry fee. The place is HUGE and the crocodiles and alligators are so cool to look at! I would love to go back sometime in the early evening to have better lighting for pictures!!

The Farm was gorgeous!

An Albino Alligator - the most fascinating of all the alligators we saw.

They had a lot of different birds there too, as well as monkeys, turtles, snakes and a few other random things. This parrot screeched at Judah and scared him so bad! Judah wrapped his arms and legs around my leg and said "Momma I scared. I scared. I scared." Paul took him off my leg and took him over to see the bird up close and taught Judah "bird language" - because when you are a parent you become an expert on everything :)
Judah got over his fear of the bird in his excitement about talking to it.


Anonymous said...

how funny.... my family has gone to florida for many many years ever fall... i have a pic of me as a little girl on that same alligator! that place is fun! im glad you guys had fun! -ashleigh

Jen said...

Looks like yall had a blast!! Florida is a nice place to go!

TammyIsBlessed said...

That all sounds incredible - especially that lunch place, too cool!

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