Yard Sale Finds - Christmas edition

One of the first yard sales of the season had this little treasure - a hand carved nativity scene. I just LOVE it! It was $1 and is so cute I want to keep it up year round. Paul doesn't think it's that cute. In fact I don't think he thinks it is cute at all. But he is a good man and will humor my love for it, so long as I will only put it up somewhere in the November-January months. =)

Check out the detail on the wisemen - they've got whiskers!

I also really like the unexpected cheek colors - greens and blues and purples!

The other Christmas treasure I picked up - and one I don't mind waiting til the Christmas season to use!! - is this tree shaped plate stand. I think it'll be adorable with plates the same shade as the outline (even though it looks black in the picture, it is really green!) and then have white cookies on it.
Or have white plates and green snacks on it. Or...
So many options!

I paid $2 for this at the local thrift store.
When I asked Paul what he thought of this he said "Well, I think I should build a shed outback to hold your seasonal stuff." I think he was graciously telling me to stop buying Christmas stuff in April. :)

And I'll confess - I was humming Christmas carols as I wrote this post.


Nicole said...

I LOVE that nativity set!! Wow you get some great bargains there!

Erin said...

I LOVE the nativity set too. Its one of those so ugly its cute things. And for a DOLLAR! Good work!

The Rock Chick said...

The Nativity Scene is amazing! I can't even imagine the amount of time and work someone put into that. I just love it!

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