I'll Take That To Go

Take out containers are perfect for independent boys that like to carry their own plates and yet occasionally still spills things :) Since our dining room is under going renovations right now all our meals are eaten on the back porch, a bit of a distance from the kitchen. Having take-out containers for Judah to use is perfect! He can carry his own plate to the porch and I don't have to worry about spilled food along the way!

The Cracker Barrel has these sectioned ones that I just love! They have high sides, three separate sections and a lid that snaps off and on easily. I rinse them out and reuse them until they break.
My brother and his friend are taking us out for dinner tonight to the Cracker Barrel and, sadly enough, I am already kind of excited about stocking up on more of these take out containers!

1 comment:

mum said...

You are too funny!!! Fancy being excited about eating out because of the 'doggie bags' they use!!! What a weird kid I raised!!!

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