Treasure Hunt

I am a bit late getting this post up, but I just discovered this blog party and I am SO excited about it. I am nearly done looking at all the participants yard sale and thrift store finds that everyone else linked up to... there is some stinkin' cool stuff to be had at yard sales and thrift stores! And most people have listed what they paid for the items. I just love knowing what people pay for other peoples junk. =)

I have had ample opportunity to feed my yard-sale addiction lately - Paul's been off for quite a few Saturdays lately and then one weekend I actually hired a babysitter (Hi Sarah!!) to watch the boys so I could hit up a few annual sales I knew were good. I don't like yard saling with littles. Saling isn't a real word, is it? Should it be saleing? That doesn't look right either. Anyways... I like to go to yard sales by myself. :)

Before I found Rhoda's blog link up at Southern Hospitality I had been planning on spreading out my yard sale finds through several posts, so I will only post a few of my finds today.

We are going to do the boys (2yrs and 10 months) new room like a pirates room... not like Disney Pirates of the Carabbean or Peter Pan type pirates, but cool pirates :)
We had a bit of it going on in the old house, but now we're getting serious about it,and I found some amazing things at yard sales this weekend to help us along!

My first find were two half barrel side tables (the second one is stacked on top of the one you see, that is what you see coming out of the top of it.) I was SO excited about these barrel tables and I got them both for $10!

Next I found this cool looking lantern. It's solid-something-or-other. It's really heavy. Since taking the picture I have cleaned it up, and I just love the color! It came with a glass thingy to hold a candle, but I think glass objects would be like weapons of mass destruction in boys room, so I have removed the glass :)
This lantern was marked at $5, but I asked if they would take $2.50 and the lady agreed. It NEVER hurts to ask!!

Next up I found this solid wood framed Pirate-y looking map. $2!

My final pirate find were these old brass keys. I LOVE them!! I don't know why... but I really, really like them. I may end up using them somewhere else in the house, but I do think they'd look cool in their room as I am envisioning it. Maybe I'll borrow them for other parts of the house every now and then! I got all five keys and the key ring for $3. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal!

Head over to Southern Hospitality to check out the Mr. Linky, which links to all the other trash-to-treasure items other folks have found!


Anonymous said...

im so glad you are still doing pirates! i know it was forever ago but i hope you got those sheets we used in jacks room! -ashleigh

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...


Thanks for commenting on my chalk board. I actually had my hubby cut a piece of Luann (I think that is what it is called) the size to fit the frame. Then painted it with the chalk board paint and inserted it in the frame. You can find that Luann at Lowe's or Home Depot in the paneling section.

You found some great things too! I just love garage sale-ing!

Jen said...

I Love your Pirate Finds!!!! I think they are awesome!!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jessica, I'm so glad you found my party & decided to join in. And it really makes me happy that you younger mamas are getting out there to the yardsales to find those bargains. I've been doing this for about 15 years & haven't gotten tired of it yet. And with little ones, there are always great things out there, from toys to clothes. Why pay retail?? No reason to. Hope you'll come back to see me often.

Justin and Jenn said...

Oh my goodness-you found some stinking cute stuff. PERFECT pirate finds!

Anonymous said...

My my, I feel so important! =D And I love the boys room decorations.


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