Craigslist Fraud

I had something listed on craigslist and I received this email about the item - it gave me a good laugh.

Thanks so much for your respond.I want you to consider it sold and
pls do withdraw the advert from site now to avoid disturbance.I want
you to know that i will be paying via bank certified check or money
order so i will like you to provide me with the following information
to facilitate the mailing of the check to you......Such as your name
and full physical address on the check and note that UPS will not
locate P.O.Box, also home & cell phone to contact you....

*** Note that the payment will be shipped to your address via UPS NEXT
DAY SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not be
responsible for movers i will have my movers come over as soon as you
have cashed the check** Thanks


mum said...

Hmm...I wonder what country this is from...

Nicole said...

We've gotten so many emails like that when we list things. Sheesh! It makes for a good laugh though!

The Rock Chick said...

Jessica, did I ever tell you that I am a wealthy princess? Yes, my government wants to take all my money so I'd like to send you a money order for $7 million dollars. All you have to do is cash it and send me $6 million back, ok? I think I can live on that. Thank you!!!!!

I can't believe people still fall for those things!

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