Dressing Boys for Less

My boys are almost 1 and 2 1/2, and they have been blessed with an abundance of clothes since the day they were born. Gifts, hand-me-downs and a super excited Aunt kept them stylishly dressed from the day they entered the world.
But with them getting older the clothing gifts have slowed down and Judah is almost the same size as his friend that was passing down the clothes, so I have started to stock up on clothes at yard sales.

Judah currently wears size 3, but I have clothes up through 5 T stashed away for him to grow into. At .25 to .50 cents a piece I almost never pass up gently used (or never used!), stylish pieces for him to grow into.
I keep the clothes organized by size in bins, so the next size up is easy to find.
I don't keep a written list of what clothing pieces I already have for him, I have a general idea in my head, but if he ends up with 6 pairs of 4T jeans, having paid only .50 cents a piece I can easily get my money back by listing them on Ebay or Craigslist.

It is almost unbelievable the amount of new or nearly new kids clothing people sell at yard sales! Here are a couple of outfits Judah modeled for y'all. And yes, I bribed him. He enjoyed more ARMY MEN GUMMIES. These are mostly clothes he will be growing into.

We've got our SPORTY LOOK
Long sleeve dino-on-a-motorcycle shirt Size 3T .25 cents
Gap Sweat Pants Size 5 .10 cents
Blue shoes size 9 .50 cents
Football found in the backyard of our new house free!

The Dino shirt stayed on for the rest of the pictures, I had to layer over it because he didn't want to take it off! :)

These .50 cent shoes have become our favorites! He wears them all the time.

Gap Sweater size 5 .50 cents
Dress Pants size 4 .10 cents

Black dress shoes Size 11 .50 cents

Gap Dress Shirt size 5 T .50 cents
Dress Pants Size 4 (same as above) .10 cents

Gap Jacket size 4 .50 cents
Guess Jeans size 4 .10 cents
Gap T-shirt size 4 .50 cents (can't really see it!)

Check out Rhoda's for more Thrifty Treasures and head over to Jen's to see more frugal fashion finds!


Jessica said...

This is possibly a dumb question, but how do you know where the yard sales are? Do you look in the paper?

Jessica Morris said...

Not dumb at all! :)
I follow craigslist for garage sales! And then word of mouth for good church sales or neighborhood sales - church sales are my FAVORITE because they are priced to sell and generally have TONS of things to sell all in one spot :)

I don't know of any church sales coming up, but if I hear of any - and remember! - I'll let you know :)

Rachel said...

Our church is having a yard sale June 6th (in Arkansas, if you can make it) :-p

Girl, you and I are so much alike when it comes to bargain-hunting! We'd be dangerous together! :-D Awesome finds!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

You are raising a big time model. Look at him sporting that adorable stuff. :)

Jessica said...

Awesome! Do let me know when you hear of good church sales. I really would love to get in on the bargains! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mary said...

He is adorable, love the blond locks and great bargains, there is no need to pay full price when you can find great clothes at those prices.

The Tattered Cottage said...

He is so adorable and reminds me of my younger twin Cody when he was a little boy. He had beautiful curls too. Great bargains on the clothes, kids grow so quickly that they usually don't have time to "wear out" their clothes, so you can usually find them in good condition, like the ones you found :)

PamperingBeki said...


I love yard sales and thrift stores for kids clothing.

I'm loving his hair too.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a cute kid he is & some great deals you found!

Jackie said...

What wonderful finds. And a precious model too! :)

Michelle said...

I'm going to have to have you shop for me. I NEVER find deals like that.

And those CURLS. I WANT TO EAT HIM UP. HOW HOW HOW did he get those blond curls. We THOUGHT our son was going to have some but he's a dirty blond with soft waves.

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