I am blessed to be called mommy by these two.
Happy Mother's Day!


sis said...

:) They are too precious!

Jeanie said...

Oh wow -- you were not kidding that your children have no chance of having straight hair -- look at Wesley's hair! Doink! He's got big curls coming! Awesome.

Happy Mother's Day, Jess!

The Rock Chick said...

Oh wow!!! They are both just so beautiful!!! Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day.

Bethany said...

What a great picture of two gorgeous little men!!!

the brother with the blond faux hawk and a penchant for large words and abhorence of country music said...

this photo evokes two reactions from me:
reaction a) GO FOR A HAT TRICK!
reaction b) have i ever congratulated you and paul on being the best baby makers in the world? of everyone i know who has ever tried, you two have succeeded the most grandly!
(and thats including mum and dad, who made ME!)

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