Busy Bin Idea for Boys

Just before we moved in here I saw someone mention on their blog that you can buy clean paint cans at Lowes for fairly cheap (about $4 each). That thought stayed with me, and the idea grew to buy some and use them to house activities for the boys.
I am not a huge fan of kid-ish looking containers and bins, and at the same time I am not a fan of my children destroying my baskets, so using paint buckets to hold art supplies, flashcards and other things like that both looks fun and boy-ish and is pretty much indestructible :) I have 5 paint cans, and they are lined up on a shelf in our family room.

This one holds stickers and paper and string.

This one has alphabet, counting and word flashcards.

This is my favorite bin! He hasn't quite gotten into it yet - he'll play for a few minutes at a time, but just rubbing it, not really creating anything yet.

All crayons and pencil crayons are called "colors" by Judah, so I thought I would label the bin that... it would drive me nuts to have it labeled "crayons" and have pencil crayons and markers in there too, so by labeling it "colors" it solves that problem! :)

The final one is still blank and is empty - I haven't decided what to put in it yet, but I am sure it'll come to me eventually!


Amber said...

That's a neat idea!
I have an idea for a blog post for you. ;-) Levi is 16 months old now and I am quickly running out of ideas to entertain/stimulate him. Can you maybe blog about things you do with your boys? I know you're pretty creative and a cool mom so maybe I could get some inspiration. ;-)

Catherine said...

That is a pretty cool way to store stuff!

Stephanie said...

Great idea! I love the paint cans!

I also agree with Amber. My play time with Zaphyn could use some sprucing up!

Jen said...

looks artsy! I like the idea :)

Nicole said...

I love it! I could see me doing this for my craft supplies too!

ajm said...

you might not like play-dough time so much when it starts getting ground into everything and stuck to every surface imaginable, body orifices notwithstanding...lol

Jessica Morris said...

Amber and Stephanie - thanks for the idea :) I'll work on something like that!!

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