You'll Always Be My Baby

Judah was sitting on my lap the other evening and I said "Hey baby. I love you."
He looked at me and said "I'm not a baby. I'm a man. A manly man."

First a bad guy and now a man. When exactly did this happen?!

I think I blinked and he became a rather independent and decisive two year old in that brief moment.

And despite what he thinks, he'll always be my baby.


ashleigh said...

Jack's the same way. If you tell him his handsome he says "NO, Im awesome!" and sometimes he switches it up to "NO, Im a cool dude!". I think Rob coaches on what to say!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

They grow up too fast! Loved your post on salvaging the fragments. I was thinking on that same verse this AM. Have a blessed day. Jackie

Anonymous said...

And to that you reply - "but Judah to me YOU will ALWAYS be my baby." And when he's older, say 8 or 9 you can add the clencher - "so deal with it!" I still call my 10 year old my baby boy sometimes - he just rolls his eyes and says - "okay okay! Just not in front of my friends okay?"

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